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Join the Koshiki Wado-Ryu Karate Club


So you are thinking of joining us?
If you are please watch the video by Sensei Frank Johnson and send us a message using the contact form if you have any questions.
We hope to see you in one of our Dojo's soon!

We try very hard to keep costs as low as we can for all students, we are one of the very few clubs who don’t do direct debit, but “Pay as you train”.

Fees are from £2.50-£7.00 a class, depending on your age and where you train. For example you could train for 2hours for £6.00 for under 16's. This is good value for a karate class.

We charge no members fee and the first lesson is free!
You will require a licence, this is very important for insurance. You will need to get one as soon as you can, after starting training you can download a application form below.

Many clubs make their students buy suits from them and charge a high price, we do not sell any suits, gloves etc. It is cheaper to buy them online yourself. Our club badge is available from Frank, And it is free!

Gradings are conducted when students reach the standards required.

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