Wado-Ryu Books

Frank Johnson has been training in Wado-Ryu Karate for over 50 years,
Including 2 years in the 1970's in Japan at the headquarters of Wado-Ryu,
where he trained many times with Master Hironori Ohtsuka founder of Wado-Ryu.
His Wado-Ryu books have been sold in over 60 countries and are available from Frank's Ebay shop.

History, Fighting Techniques, Excercises, Knife Defence, Basics, Kneeling Defence, 10 Gihon Gumite, Sword Defence, 17 Katas and Wado-Ryu vital points.

Excersises, Stratergy, Basics, Sweeping, Contest Sparing, Old Style Sparing, Body Movements, Reflex Training, Sanbon-Gumite, Jodan-Uke 1-4, Maegeri 1-6, Ohyo-Gumite 1-8, Kumite-Gata 1-6, 10 Kihon-Gumite, Speed/Power & Strength Training, Feints/Tricks, Vital Points, Hand & Eye co-ordination Training.

Wado-Ryu uncovered follows Franks first 2 years in Japan, A great little books from a unique martial artist.


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